Some of the regular events Hamnet is involved in

Comrades Marathon

Hamnet-KZN has been involved with this race for many years providing emergency communications.  About 20 operators are used in this 89km race, stationed at various water tables.  The operators towards the end of the race are normally kept quite busy with various requests, such as seeking medical assistance and other logistical matters.

Radio communications are vital in this race as cell phone towers are often congested during this race.  The radio control is also centrally situated with access to all the other emergency services, such as the medical backup, enabling ambulances to be quickly dispatched.

Dusi Mfula Cycle race

This offroad cycle race roughly follows the Duzi Canoe Race route along the Duzi and Umgeni rivers.  It spans two days, with an overnight stop at Inanda dam.

Communications in these valleys is trying with conventional means, and once again Hamnet is able to supply the necessary lines of communications, by using strategically located local repeaters, and simplex modes 

Total Tour Natal Motor Rally

As from 2009, Total was the sponsor of this race.  The 2009 Total Tour Natal Rally marks the official start of the 2009 Sasol SA Rally Championship and took place in the Scottburgh area of the KwaZulu Natal South Coast on March 13 and 14.
Due to the difficult hilly terrain, Hamnet provides the necessary communications, and has operators at all the start and end points of the various stages, as well mobile operators, who sweep the tracks after each race.  To facilitate communications, a moblie repeater is set up on one of the hills, and this allows race information to be relayed all the back to the Durban Control Centre

Duzi 50 miler

The Duzi 50 miler is a shortened 1 day Duzi canoe race.  The last one started at Mission Bridge and ended at Marianne Foley.  Again, Hamnet provides communications in this difficult terrain.

Tour Durban Cycle Race

This 105km cycle race winds it's way through Durban, Pinetown, up the north coast past the Sibaya circle and ends in Durban.  Once again, Hamnet's specialist communications skills are involved in this race

Scottburgh to Brighton Beach Sand and Surf Marathon

This is a 46km 3 in 1 race from Scottburgh to Brighton:
1.  The Scottburgh Toti surfski, 30km
2.  S2B Triathalon - 30kmMTB / 14km surfski / 9km Beach Run
3.  Scott2Brighton Surfski Race, 46.5km

Again, Hament provides communications for this combined event

Amashovashova Cycle Race

This 106km cycle race starts in Pmb and ends at the Suncoast Casino in Durban.


ZS5WX's vehicle at Cato Ridge, Comrades

ZS5ML's vehicle at Mission Bridge, Dusi Mfula

ZS5DGR's repeater setup, Tour Natal Ralley

ZS5HN and his awesome radio van at the Duzi 50 miler

ZS5ML in Cato Ridge, Amashovashova